What is community philanthropy?

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Community philanthropy has its origins in long‑held practices of exchange, mutual aid, solidarity, and community development. ‘Local people helping each other by sharing resources for the common good’, is an inclusive and caring practice that is found in most, if not all, cultures and communities. Nevertheless, despite renewed attention to the concept of community philanthropy among both nonprofits and philanthropists, there is limited guidance for those who wish to apply or invest in community philanthropy approaches. This paper provides an overview of an extensive review of the available literature and seeks to clarify, for those that may be working in the field of development, what it means to practice community philanthropy.

Author: Dana R.H. Doan

Published by: GFCF

Published: August 2019

Download: ‘What Is Community Philanthropy?

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It’s important to give for the sake of giving. Community philanthropy appeals to us because it’s something we were doing without naming it. Philanthropy is more than giving: it’s sharing, learning from others, making somebody feel like a human being (deserving love, respect, dignity)…for sure this paper is a guidance.


Community philanthropy is important to be learnt as a concept because it’s something we were practising without knowing it.For sure,this paper is a guidance.

Chimwemwe Mwafongo

Community philanthropy is important to be learnt and shared with the masses at large, especially among the youth. we have been doing ad practicing these things but we didn’t know that. This paper is very enriching. Thank you.