#ShiftThePower and systems change – global online meeting explores how we can map our progress

12 Mar 2020

Grounded in social network analysis, the Pando platform uses web-based relationship surveys to identify diverse organizations within a system and track relationships in real time. The platform automatically generates a network map that visualizes the organizations and relationships within a system. Data filters and analysis tools help uncover key actors, areas of collaboration, and network structures and dynamics.

An initial #ShiftThePower map was generated by participants at the November 2019 Pathways to Power Symposium, and explored further during a global online meeting held on 10 March 2020. This online meeting also:

  • Provided background on the #ShiftThePower movement
  • Featured contributions from several participants of the Pathways to Power Symposium
  • Introduced the Pando platform and offered initial observations on the Pathways to Power map
  • Discussed further opportunities for collaboration within the #ShiftThePower movement

A recording of the discussion is above, and the slides can be downloaded here. If you’d like to add your organization to the growing map, please contact – questions about logging in, inputting relationships, or navigating the network map can also be directed here.

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