Call for consultants: Learning and evaluation

02 Dec 2021

The GFCF is seeking a consultant to work with us to assess if, how and how well our engagement with a set of grant partners has contributed to their ability to build, grow and explore the potential for community philanthropy as a strategy for fostering local buy-in and ownership and driving community-led development, through a lens of systems thinking.

The consultant will collect, analyze and collate evidence of how (whether) the overall process of the GFCF’s “grantmaking plus” approach contributes to broader efforts to reform the international system of aid and philanthropy by advancing alternative approaches, as part of a wider movement to #ShiftThePower.

The successful candidate will recognize the limitations of simple logic models to assess the added value of organizations’ efforts and will be versed in sense-making processes that foster understanding of complex systems in which many factors are involved. Among other things, they will work with the three broad types of changes that our constituents consider essential for community philanthropy: assets, capacities, and trust.

A key part of the task will be to learn about, and communicate, if and how activities at the local level by a particular set of organizations can influence the wider funding systems in which they operate and, in turn, how wider funder systems can better access and engage with grassroots actors and their broader eco-systems. Another question that the GFCF is interested in exploring is what role a small, global funding organization and network builder can and should be playing in support of a global movement to #ShiftThePower.

Our expectation is that the consultant, together with our staff team, our partners, and other key stakeholders, will generate data that enables dialogue that supports us in continuing to develop a shared understanding of factors that facilitate and constrain our effectiveness. The work will also support our ability to communicate the outcomes we and our partners contribute towards in ways that are meaningful to our field, our funders and others not immediately involved in community philanthropy. The methodology to be used will combine participatory approaches to evaluation alongside rigorous analysis of data.


Type of engagement

With fifteen years of experience supporting the development of the global community philanthropy field and, more recently, a growing interest in systems change, the GFCF regards this assignment as an opportunity to engage an external perspective as a way to continue to deepen and improve its work.



These will be agreed between the consultant and the GFCF through an initial co-creation workshop but will likely include regular interim reports, an inception report and a final report.



The assignment will be conducted remotely and will entail desk-research, key informant interviews and attendance at GFCF events. It is currently envisaged that, due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the assignment will not involve international travel.


Budget and timeline

The exact duration of the work is still to be determined. but will likely span a period of 8 – 12 months, starting in February 2021. Financial offers up to a maximum of US $30,000 will be accepted.


To apply

Interested candidates are requested to submit a proposal to GFCF Executive Director Jenny Hodgson ( covering the following aspects:

  • Short letter of interest detailing the proposed approach;
  • References to and/or examples of similar work undertaken;
  • Understanding of the objectives of the assignment (in particular, the emphasis on appreciating / locating small-scale actions in the context of large-scale frameworks);
  • Initial thoughts as to methodology;
  • CV;
  • Contact information for two references (ideally, with experience or knowledge of applicant’s role in similar types of assignments);
  • An indicative financial proposal including daily rates and other expenses.

Serious applicants are welcome to send questions, if any, for clarification. Application should be received by 15 January 2022.


Relevant background reading:

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