Grants to foster community philanthropy

We provide small grants aimed at stimulating and support the development of community philanthropy organizations around the world. Beyond the financial aspect, grantmaking also serves as a way to build relationships with individual organizations, learn about and support their work and to help connect them into the growing global community philanthropy movement.

In our grantmaking, we try to strike a balance between consolidating relationships with longer-term grant partners and continuing to add new organizations into our network. Our annual grantmaking depends to a large extent on the resources we have been able to mobilize from donors. We do not no hold an open call for applications every year but eligible organizations are welcome to submit inquiries throughout the year.

In February 2020, we are launching a closed call for concept notes for grants to support community philanthropy development. There are two separate opportunities, open to organizations that have received GFCF funding previously and/or that we have already had contact with in one way or another. The programmes are as follows:

    1. Main grants programme These grants are aimed at supporting community philanthropy approaches that build strong communities, or strengthen organizations’ abilities to practice, build and advocate for community philanthropy as an important element within broader efforts to #ShiftThePower. Grant activities may include: testing or piloting new strategies and approaches (for example, a new resource mobilization strategy); strengthening the efforts of individual community philanthropy organizations that are seeking to mobilize local resources and/or foster the growth of local philanthropy; or building the evidence base for community philanthropy by documenting and demonstrating practice/outcomes.
    2. Building strong, inclusive communities in Europe We are inviting concept notes from organizations looking to use community philanthropy approaches as a strategy to build strong and inclusive communities in Europe. In particular, we would like to engage community philanthropy organizations that work – or would like to work – on complex, minority issues that may lack broader public support (such as migration, women’s and sexual minority rights, issues affecting Roma communities, etc.). Grant activities may include: building new strategies that involve different parts of civil society, based on a model of solidarity and collective action; developing new lines of work that counter regressive forces, emphasize equity, build trust or that foster social inclusion; and, harnessing local resources and engaging the public in democratic and collective action around shared goals.

Concept notes for both programmes are due by Friday 13th March 2020. For further information on the programmes or how to apply, please contact Wendy Richardson at the GFCF ( Find out more about our grantmaking process and eligibility.