Grants to foster community philanthropy

We provide small grants aimed at stimulating and support the development of community philanthropy organizations around the world. Beyond the financial aspect, grantmaking also serves as a way to build relationships with individual organizations, learn about and support their work and to help connect them into the growing global community philanthropy movement.

In our grantmaking, we try to strike a balance between consolidating relationships with longer-term grant partners and continuing to add new organizations into our network. Our annual grantmaking depends to a large extent on the resources we have been able to mobilize from donors. We do not no hold an open call for applications every year but eligible organizations are welcome to submit inquiries throughout the year.

From 2020 – 2022 we focused much of our efforts and resources on supporting our global network of community philanthropy partners as they responded to COVID-19, both in the short and longer-term. Our grantmaking was directed towards partners’ efforts to respond to immediate needs, but also to be able to start looking ahead towards larger efforts to bring about long-term change, i.e. to #BuildBackBetter. Read more on our approach to COVID-19 here, and here you can find a list of grants made as part of our COVID-19 response grants programme.