Pre-Symposium papers and blogs

A number of papers and blogs were published in the run-up to the Symposium, to frame the event and spark discussions, including:

Weaving conversations

Prior to the Pathways to Power Symposium, a range of “weaving conversations” were organized, bringing together individuals from diverse organizations, in different parts of the world, to discuss topics of mutual interest and to get “warmed up” for the Symposium (some topics included: re-imagining INGOs, changing the narrative, accountability and governance, building compassionate organizations etc.). A few of these conversations will be continuing post-Symposium. Some groups got creative and produced resources to share their conversations more widely:

From the event
Other media sources

Alliance magazine, the GFCF’s media partner for the Symposium, asked a number of participants to blog about what they saw and heard at the event. Alliance produced a special feature on the event, with specific blogs including:

Open Democracy published several blogs related to the Symposium:

Finally, a blog (and poem!) also appears on How Matters: